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  1. The promotion will be open only to those customers who show an interest by opting in the promotion through dialling *111#.
  2. To opt-out the customer can dial direct *111*2#
  3. beFREE requires that a customer spends P30 to qualify the promotion
  4. The P30 usage qualification will be calculated from Voice calls, SMS, Data, Roaming and exclude service charges, premium rated sms (i.e. CRBT purchases, cell phone banking) and Nshape.
  5. The usage counter will start at 00:00hrs on Mondays and stop at 23:59hrs on Sundays per week
  6. Upon qualification a subscriber will receive 60 Onnet minutes (to call during off peak times and weekends only) 30 Local SMS & 30MB (this will not be able to be used for service charges and premium rated sms i.e. CRBT purchases, cell phone banking, Nshape etc.)
  7. Bonus airtime cannot be used for roaming
  8. Bonus will be awarded to each individual immediately upon using P30.00. A customer can only receive bonus once a week even if they spend more than P30 or use P30 more than once
  9. The free bonus will only be used on that particular week starting at 00:00hrs on Mondays and stop at 23:59hrs on Sundays per week
  10. If the customer does not use the bonus by 23:59hrs on Sunday they will forfeit it.
  11. The promotion will be open to all prepaid customers including ACL customers.